Some people have asked about how time works on Vhast. Some have asked about the ages of characters and others about the week.

On the planet Vhast, the year is made up of twelve months. In the Latin of Freehold the order of these is; Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quinque, Sextus, September, October, November, December, Undecim, Duodecimus. Other cultures may use different names, but will generally use the same system. Any culture which does not use this system will have it noted in the section that describes them.

Each month is divided into six weeks and each week has six days. Most cultures that you will encounter use these names (or slight variants on them). The days, in order are: Firstday, Deutera, Pali, Tetarti, Dithlau and Krondag. Each day has twenty four hours, which, in turn, each have sixty minutes. While this evenness of year is unnatural, there is a reason for it. This will become apparent as the story unfolds. There are 432 days in a year (ie 18% longer). A character who has just turned 12 year old on Vhast will thus be a bit over 14 years old in Terran years and one who has just turned 16 years will thus be nearly 19 in Terran terms.

Due to the rotation of the years through the four elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth and the twelve Animals, a Cycle of years is forty-eight. Going through a Cycle is an important birthday (for those who know their birth date and a double Cycle is even more so.