Media Release

Tasmanian author Cary J Lenehan invites you to the release of his novel Clearing the Web, the third book to come out from the Warriors of Vhast series through IFWG Publishing Australia.

This epic fantasy series follows the continuing exploits of a gender diverse group brought together under mysterious circumstances: the princess, the secret policeman, the huntress, the priest, the former slave, the soldier, the assassin, the hobgoblin, the Dwarven shepherd, the horse barbarian, and the mage, are sent on a world-spanning quest.

After facing individual challenges, joining and setting out (in Intimations of Evil), they locate and defeat a bandit village, freeing its slaves (Engaging Evil). Now they are on the next stage of their journey, seeking to destroy those hidden behind the slavers.

Clearing the Web is a part of a richly described world of stories with a total of eight books to be published by IFWG Australia, as well as over fifty short stories and novellas written to date.

Come and help launch this volume of the continuing tale and take the opportunity to ask questions of the author about his world, its plants and animals, its towns, and even its recipes.

Cary is a former soldier, University tutor, public servant, fishmonger, and cab driver who has made Tasmania his home for the last thirty years. Along the way he has taught people to use everything from short swords to rocket launchers and yet still grows Tasmanian native plants (and cooks with them) in his spare time.

Where: Amor Bar, 217-219, Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

When: Thursday 29 November 2018, 7pm

Media Contact: 0417 015 558 or