Religion as it is known on Vhast.

Most of the religions of Vhast are loosely based on the religions found among the original ‘settlers’ of the planet. However, some people have been on Vhast for 20,000 years and the religion that they have now, like the languages that they speak, are not what they used to be. Some have not drifted too far away from the original, but some are very divergent. Each area has its own religions. These are influenced, not only by a drift in knowledge and belief over time, but also various degrees of active intercession from either the Shing-zu or the Daveen[1].

What is noted by the Shing-zu is that, over time, the Gods of the people on Vhast seem to be more able to be invoked and their interventions are getting more common. Their scientists are still trying to explain this. What the Daveen think about this is unknown to anyone who is not them. They take a far more active and interventionist part in Vhast, often posing as Gods (or at least Archangels), and skirting the edges of the Treaty that applies here.

This is what is currently known about the religions in use on Vhast. This will get added to as time progresses. Next month there will be details of Catholicism (as it is practiced on Vhast) and each month will see a new post.

Religion and Spread

Religion Type Continent Cultures where found
Bãtomãn Philosophical The Land Ogres
Buddhist Polytheist Long Realm Chin
Catholic Monotheist of the Book The Land, NFL Freehold
Daveen Polytheist Demons & similar
Earth Father Monotheist The Land Dwarves, Swamp
Earth Mother Gaia The Land Bear Folk
Eldest (Shing-zu) Polytheist The Land Hobgoblins
Hindu Polytheist The Land Haven
Islam Monotheist of the Book The Land Caliphate, Darkreach
Living God Monotheist The Land Darkreach
Orthodox Monotheist of the Book The Land Independent towns & villages, Darkreach
Reformed Church Monotheist of the Book The Land Brotherhood of All Believers
Rongomaiwhenua Polytheist Kanaka
Süns Tenger (Sky Spirits) Shamanist The Land Khitan
(Spirits of the Land) Shamanist Long Realm Suomi
(Sun) Polytheist Long Realm Sslan’ssisswani (Lizards)
Taoist Polytheist Long Realm Chin
Thalifer Polytheist Gil-Gand Gil-Gand
Toprakana Polytheist NFL Goblin
Un-named Shamanist Arctic Inuit
Un-named Monotheist Long Realm Kharl tribes
Wiccan Polytheist The Land Confederation of the Free (Swamp)
Zoroastrian Dualist Long Realm Ērānshahr (Persia)


[1] At this stage you should read ‘Banished from Hell’ if you have not already done so. You are starting to see some of the logic behind the stories and the books and it is largely made up of things that the characters are not aware of. The story The Tale of the New Forest (coming out on Patreon later in 2018) will add to this background.