Running from earliest to latest in the chronology of Vhast. This list is updated regularly. There is some overlap on timescales. The dates refer to the start of the tale. It is quite likely that other stories will be interleaved into this timeline over the years.

This list only covers stories and books that are expected to be published up until the end of 2020. The short stories are currently complete up until near the end of 2021. Some stories are already written and due to be published up to 2024 (after the books will be finished). As well, the first seven books are complete and the last is nearly so. Many of these stories cannot be released earlier due to spoilers that they contain.

At present the stories are only available through Patreon, but eventually will be collected and come out as separate books. Stories are only guaranteed to remain up and readable on Patreon for around six months from first being put up.

(current as of March 2019)

The Tale of the New Forest (story, October & November 2018) (set around 10,000 years before the first book), now coming out in audiobook format as well

Banished from Hell (story, April & May 2018) (set around 500years before the first book)

A Far and Different Land (story, upcoming September 2019)

Dahe Zhen (story, upcoming July 2019)

Travel Broadens the Mind (August & September 2017) (set around 200 years before the first book)

Yakutana’s Tale (story, January 2018) (set around 200 years before the first book)

A Lost Book (stry, December 2018) (set 152 years before the first book)

War Comes to Killton (story, January 2019) (set 151 years before the first book)

It Starts (story, February & March 2017) (set around 100 years before the first book)

On The Run (story, Feb & March 2018) (set around 90 years before the first book)

A First Taste of Combat (story, June 2017) (set around 40 years before the first book)

A Priestly Dilemma (story, July 2018) (set over a period of 30 years)

A Brief Encounter (story, July 2017) (set 30 years before the first book)

The King’s Child (story, October 2016) (set 16 years before the first book)

Astrid In the White World (story, September 2016) (set 6 years before the first book)

Bianca at Twelve (story, April 2016) (set 4 years before the first book)

Seeking More (story, upcoming May & June 2019)

Irene (story, May & June 2016) (set around the start of the first book)

Flight From Freehold (story, upcoming August 2019) (starts around the time of the first book)

Intimations of Evil (book, November 2015, 2nd edition April 2018)

Durga Gadgil Leaves Home (story, January 2017)

The Curse of the Medusa (Story, February 2019)

Two Days in Streetmor (story, April and May 2017)

A Girl and Her Bear (story, August 2018)

Taken (story, September 2018)

Engaging Evil (book, February 2017)

An Unexpected Event (story, Oct, Nov & Dec 2017)

An Obligation (story, June 2018)

The Arena (story, upcoming October 2019)

Simeon’s Tale (story, November & December 2016)

Clearing the Web (book, upcoming November 2018)

A Trip Away (story, upcoming March & April 2019)

Scouring the Land (book, upcoming November 2019)

A Tenuous Grasp (story, upcoming February & March 2020)

Returning Home (Story, upcoming April & May 2020)

No-one Notices the Jester (story (upcoming September, October & November 2020)

Gathering the Strands (book, upcoming November 2020)

Flying Out, Finding Out (story, upcoming August 2020)

Octavius Ruge’s Ride (story, upcoming November, December 2019 & January 2020)

Jana Ruge’s Walk (story, upcoming June & July 2020)

To Test the Waters (story, upcoming December 2020)

Following the Braid (book, upcoming November 2021)

Thorn (story, July & August 2016)

Approaching the Source (book, upcoming November 2022)

The Fall of the Adversaries (final book, upcoming November 2023)